Helping An Elderly Parent Buy A New Car: Features To Look For

Older drivers are the most dangerous individuals behind the wheel, being 4 times more likely to get into a fatal car accident than teen drivers. Drivers between the ages of 75 and 85 pose the same risks on the road as younger drivers. This means you want to make sure that your elderly parent has a vehicle that is safe for not only themselves, but those on the road around them. Here are features to look for in a new car for your aging parent who is still driving.

Backup cameras

Many new cars come equipped with standard backup cameras that allow drivers to see obstacles and vehicles behind them as they back up. This is something your aging parent may benefit from. With a camera to guide them, they can back out of parking spaces and driveways knowing if they are coming dangerously close to other drivers, people walking behind them, or even a garbage can or mailbox.

Enlarged side mirrors

Larger side mirrors can help your elderly parent see other vehicles around them when they are driving around town or on the freeway. These mirrors extend further than traditional side mirrors and are much larger in style, allowing for an extended view of vehicles behind and to the side of their car. This can help prevent blind spots, and can give your elderly parent more confidence when switching lanes or pulling out into traffic. You can look for a new car that has enlarged side mirrors or you can have the dealership install these protective mirrors as an aftermarket upgrade to make their new car safer.

Head air bags

Many new cars are equipped with advanced air bag systems to protect a driver and their passengers in the event of a crash. Side and front air bags help keep people protected from impact and can help prevent a person from being thrown from their vehicle, and often come standard in many new cars. Head air bags are a new feature that some new cars possess, protecting the driver from above in the event of a rollover crash. Look for a vehicle that has head air bags for added security of your loved one when they are driving.

If your aging loved one is still capable of driving but you want to help them be safer on the road, you want to help them shop for a car that will give them the best features in safety. Enlarged side mirrors, head air bags, and backup cameras are all features you should look for when car shopping to help your elderly driver be the most safe on the road.