A Guide To Smog Inspections For Your Car

Many municipalities have different requirements for the vehicles that are registered within them. Since the environment is an important consideration in this day and age, a number of states require you to receive a smog inspection. This test, also known as a smog check or an emissions test, measures the cleanliness of the components that your vehicle is expelling. A lower emission vehicle is better for the environment and less harmful, while older or poorly maintained vehicles have more noxious emissions. Consider these guidelines to learn more about the smog inspection and what to expect from it. 

#1: Understand What Happens During A Smog Inspection

When you take your vehicle in for a smog inspection, the car contractor, such as Advanced Auto Care, will hook up to your vehicle's computer and allow it to run. They will hit the accelerator and perform a number of different functions, while collecting data from your vehicle. Each state has different limits and requires for smog inspection data. If your vehicle falls outside of these parameters, you will need to receive repairs that will bring it up to par, prior to being able to register your vehicle. You will typically be allowed a certain period of time before this must happen, and from there, you will receive a smog certificate which means that your vehicle is road ready. 

#2: Know The Advantages Of A Smog Inspection

A vehicle that gets clean emissions indicates that it is well maintained and that the engine, transmission and other parts are in top condition. When you take your vehicle in for a smog inspection, you may be able to pinpoint problems in your car that you did not know existed. Since a car that gets low emissions is better maintained, revealing these problems will allow you to get better gas mileage and performance out of your vehicle, which is critical if you use your car for frequent commutes or road trips. 

#3: Learn How Much It Costs To Get A Smog Inspection

You will know that a car shop provides smog inspections when they have the logo on their building. Develop a list of about five different smog check centers so that you can compare prices. You might pay anywhere between approximately $30 and $90 for one of these inspections, not counting any repairs you may have to receive. 

Consider these three points in order to get the most out of the care of your vehicle and to keep it street legal.