What The Cabin Filter Is And Why You Should Replace It

Your car contains many filters that are designed to prevent contaminants from entering your engine, corroding it and disrupting the normal operation of the engine. Otherwise, you will suffer from performance drops and the engine might even become damaged. There are also filters that are designed to improve the air quality of your car, such as the cabin filter. If the filter becomes clogged or damaged, you will need to have it replaced to maintain the air flow of your AC and to maintain adequate air quality.

Having The Filter Replaced At The Dealership

When a cabin filter becomes dirt, the engine has to work harder to circulate air. The cabin can become a health concern, especially if you are driving with kids. There are several places where your cabin filter can be replaced, including at the dealership. Also, your car's owner's manual will list the frequency at which you should have your cabin filter cleaned or replaced. However, the filter may need to be replaced more frequently than recommended if you often drive on dusty roads that can cause the filter to clog more quickly.

Replacing It Yourself

If you would like to save about $100, you can replace the cabin filter yourself. The filters will be located either above the blower in the back section or between the blower and the rest of the HVAC unit. Less commonly, you can access the filters through the glove box. Open the glove box and look for a spring tab that will open the compartment that leads to the filters.

Purchasing A Filter

You will still want to purchase your filter at the dealership because they will know the specific filter that will fit your particular car. Another option is to purchase an aftermarket filter at an auto repair shop that will save you a small amount of money, but cabin filters are cheap in general.

Adding The New Filter

Remove the fasteners that hold the previous cabin filter in place. Sometimes, the fastener will have a screw in the center that will require you use a screwdriver to remove it. Be careful because the fastener can break and you will then need to purchase a replacement. Then, put the new filter in place and attach the fastener so that the new filter is secure. As long as you use the right filter and place the new one in the exact same place, your car will now filter air much more effectively.